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Privacy Policy

COSMO DARTS collects information from you when you register on our website, place an order, respond to a survey or fill out a form. COSMO DARTS implements a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information when you place an order or enter, submit, or access your personal information.

Any of the information we collect from customers will be used to improve our website and customer service, to process transactions, to send emails, and to administer promotion, survey or other site feature. This privacy policy applies to the services offered by COSMO DARTS via this website. (The scope is specified below in the following Paragraph 1)

・Except as expressly provided herein, COSMO DARTS will not use or disclose the Personal Information. (The objective and management are specified below in the following Paragraph 2)

• Except as expressly provided herein, COSMO DARTS will not disclose the Personal Information to any third party. (The management is specified below in the following Paragraph 2)

• COSMO DARTS will conduct appropriate management on a regular basis by the method stipulated as expressly prescribed herein.

• COSMO DARTS reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy without prior notice.

• When COSMO DARTS changes the Privacy Policy in a material way, a notice will be posted on our website along with the updated Privacy Policy.


1. Scope of COSMO DARTS’s Commitment to Privacy

・ When the customer uses the website of COSMO DARTS, the Privacy Policy is applied only within the extent of this website.

・ COSMO DARTS is committed to ensuring your collected Personal Information is professionally managed in accordance with the COSMO DARTS’s privacy principles.

・ COSMO DARTS accepts no liability or responsibility for the handling of Personal Information on other websites linked to our website.

・ By using our website, you acknowledge that your use of this website is at your own risk.

・ COSMO DARTS accepts no liability or responsibility regarding all damages incurred by the use of collected information from our website or other websites linked to this website.

2. Collection and Use of Personal Information

COSMO DARTS, in order to provide state-of-the-art services and functions to the customers, will be required to collect Personal Information from the customers.

・ The customer takes responsibility for the management of his/her ID and password. You should avoid using your name, birthday or phone number to choose your password. Changing password regularly is highly recommended. The customer will not share, lend or transfer his/her ID or password to another party. Don’t write your password on your inquiry email or publicity viewable website, including our website.

・ COSMO DARTS will use Personal Information only within the scope of the purposes of use and we will not provide it to any third party.

3. Acquisition of Personal Information

COSMO DARTS will collect Personal Information in a lawful and appropriate manner.

4. Utilization of Personal Information

COSMO DARTS shall use collected information appropriately to the extent required for our operations.

When COSMO DARTS outsources a part of all of Personal Information handling to other third party, we will conduct strict investigation on the third party and execute necessary and proper supervision of the outsourced third party for the continuous safe management of Personal Information.

5. Provision of Personal Information to Third Party

COSMO DARTS will not provide the Personal Information collected from the customers to third party without the prior consent from the said customers otherwise required under the applicable laws.

6. Management of Personal Information

・COSMO DARTS will strive to protect Personal Information appropriately.

・COSMO DARTS will take preventive action to prevent the inappropriate access of Personal Information, the loss, damage or changes or leakage of such information.

・COSMO DARTS shall not leak Personal Information by removing or transmitting Personal Information to the outside.

7. Disclosure, Amendment, Discontinuation or Deletion of Personal Information

COSMO DARTS will respond, as promptly as reasonably possible, to inquiries about Personal Information or to requests for disclosure, correction, stopping of use, deletion, etc. of retained personal data. Please contact us if you have any opinions or comments regarding our handling of Personal Information, if you wish to request a disclosure, or the like, or if you otherwise have any questions regarding our handling of Personal Information.

8. Proper Control of Personal Information

COSMO DARTS has designated a manager to oversee the Personal Information’s compliance and we shall implement safety measures in a suitable manner.

In addition to protect the Personal Information, COSMO DARTS will endeavor to promote activities including regular training and education to its employees.

9. Compliance with Applicable Laws, Regulations, and Improvements of Personal Information

COSMO DARTS shall be responsible for comprehensively formulating and implementing the necessary measures to ensure the proper handling of Personal Information.

All the employees of COSMO DARTS (including temporary workers, part-time employees and such) understand this Personal Information Protection Policy and will endeavor to protect and maintain Personal Information.

10. Contact

If you have any questions about this policy or inquiries about the Personal Information protection, please contact us by email.

Manager in charge of Personal Information: 

Hiroaki Matsubara (