Shopping Guide

Payment Methods

COSMO DARTS offers the following payment methods:
・Wire Transfers
* Please choose one of the payment methods when you check out.

All financial transactions will be done on a Japanese yen basis. We cannot accept any payments in other currencies.

【Wire Transfers】
Please remit the amount billed to COSMO DARTS within one week after receipt of the invoice. Your order will be shipped to you after your payment has been confirmed.

[Bank Information]
Bank Name: The Iyo Bank, Ltd.
Bank Code: 0174
Branch Name: YOKOGAWARA 
Branch Code: 116
Branch Address: 343-1 Aza Sajiki, Toon, Ehime 791-0203  JAPAN
Branch Phone: 089-964-2221
Beneficiary’s Name: COSMO SEIKI CO., LTD
Beneficiary’s Address: 1470-5 Sunouchi Kou, Toon, Ehime 791-0311  JAPAN
Beneficiary’s Phone: 089-960-6366
Account Number: 1650526

It takes approximately 3-4 business days to receive a confirmation of your wire transfer payment. 

If there are any shortage or overage, we will carry the balance forward to your next order. In the event of any significant shortage, we will require you to pay the remaining amount.

[Bank Transfer Fee]
Bank charges and any additional fees are the responsibility of the payer, regardless of the amount of the order. Please note that you select Payer’s responsibility when you make a remittance.

Discounts are available when your merchandise total is over 200,000 yen and you use bank transfer for payment only. It will automatically be applied to your invoice.

The discount structure is as follows:
Merchandise Total           Discount
Over 200,000yen             2,000yen
Over 300,000yen             3,000yen
Over 400,000yen             4,000yen
Over 500,000yen             5,000yen 
And so on.
*Every 100,000 yen purchase, we will discount 1,000yen. 


You will be directed to PayPal to make the payment from COSMO DARTS online shop. Please log in to your PayPal account and submit the payment. COSMO DARTS doesn’t accept e-Check payment of PayPal. It delays shipping of your order. 

After your payment has been confirmed and approved for processing, we will prepare in-stock merchandise for packing and shipment.
Discounts won’t be available/applied when you make payments via PayPal.

[PayPal Fee]
The PayPal transaction fee will be included in your invoice. Procedure for calculating PayPal fee may change. 


【Change a payment method】
You cannot make changes in payment method after placing the order.