Shopping Guide


Shipping/Insurance Fee

Shipping Method

Your order will be shipped by EMS (Express Mail Service) shipping or FedEx. The status of your package can be confirmed by entering your EMS tracking numbers into the Japanese Post Office website
( or the FedEx website (
If another shipping method is necessary, please check “Other” when you select shipping method and write your shipping method of choice in the column. Please note that we may not be able to accept certain shipping methods. 

Available shipping methods other than EMS
・FedEx Freight Collect 
・DHL Freight Collect
・Score Japan Freight Collect

International orders with a different shipping method require extra verification.  Therefore, these orders may not be released for shipping until they have been approved.

Shipping Cost

Shipping is not included in the product prices. It will be automatically calculated based on the number of items you order and the packaging weight on our online system.
COSMO DARTS will not charge you a shipping cost when you select shipping by other carriers (freight collect). The shipping will be charged to your account directly.


We insure all merchandise we ship by EMS against damage or loss in transit.
If you would like to insure your order using other carriers, please inform us in advance.