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System Requirements

System Requirements

We recommend the following settings for viewing of our website. Different settings may cause problems in operation and display of your computer. Please note that some of our webpages and services may be limited when viewed on a different OS or browser.

Recommended Operating Environment: 

Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Netscape Navigator
Cookies enabled
40-bit or 128-bit SSL-compliant connection
JavaScript enabled

Recommended OS and Browsers:

Recommended OS:

MacOS X 

Recommended Browsers; 

For Windows: Internet Explorer 9 over Mozilla Firefox 3.6 over
For MacOS: Safari , Mozilla Firefox 3.6 
(Internet Explorer on MacOS may not display pages properly. We recommend Safari for all MacOS users.)


This website uses SSL encryption in order to ensure the protection of all of our customers' privacy when registering membership or shopping on our online store.  SSL is a system that encrypts all the information before sending it over the internet. Please confirm that your browser enables SSL encryption before using our services.