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Terms of Use

Article 1 (Scope of Terms of Use)

This website is owned, operated and maintained by Cosmo Seiki Co. Ltd., (“hereinafter referred to as “COSMO DARTS”). Please read the Terms of Use indicated below before accessing and browsing this website.

Article 2 (Member)

A user who obtains member ID after accepting the Terms of Use and completing the registration procedure is referred to hereinafter as a “Member”.
COSMO DARTS reserves the right to deny membership to users whom for any reason COSMO DARTS deems unqualified for membership, even after the registration has been completed.

Article 3 (Member Registration)

When registering for membership, you are responsible for providing true, complete and accurate information. If there are any changes to the information that you have registered, it is your responsibility that you immediately update the registration information.

Article 4 (Handling of Personal Information)

Regarding the Handling of Personal Information, please read the "Handling of Personal Information”.

Article 5 (Member’s Obligations)

1. Member ID and Password
The Member takes responsibility for the management of all his/her information registered on this website. COSMO DARTS takes no responsibility for the management of registered information. The Member will not share, lend or transfer his/her ID or password to another party.
2. Member's Forbidden Acts
When using the website, members must not perform any of the following acts.An act of actually or potentially offensive to public order and morals.
An act of actually or potentially violating the law.
An act of infringing upon any intellectual property right such as copyright, or any other right, of COSMO DARTS, other Members or a third party.
An act of using any information obtained from this website for commercial purposes, including regenerating, selling or reproducing (etc.) without a prior approval from COSMO DARTS
An act of actually or potentially interfering with the operation of this website in an unreasonable manner, thereby causing disadvantage to COSMO DARTS.
Other acts deemed inappropriate by COSMO DARTS.

Article 6 (Acceptance of Member)

1. Use of Information
Regarding the information, opinions and questionnaire received from Members through this website, COSMO DARTS will use without charge to continue providing better service.
2. Deletion of Information
We may delete the information or texts without any prior notice when information or texts that Members submitted to this website exceed the predetermined period of time or amount specified by COSMO DARTS, or if Members breach any of these Terms of Use.
3. Suspension or Termination of Membership
If the Member breaches any of these Terms of Use, COSMO DARTS may stop providing the service to the Member or terminate the membership without serving a notice or demand.
4. Temporary Suspension and Discontinuation of the Service
In the event of the following conditions, COSMO DARTS may temporarily suspend or discontinue the provision of the service without notice or Member’s approval.
- Computer trouble, networking trouble, or emergency maintenance operation is conducted on COSMO DARTS’s online systems.
- The provision of the service becomes impossible due to causes beyond COSMO DARTS’s reasonable control, such as fire, power outage, natural disaster or any other unexpected accident.
- Other circumstances under which COSMO DARTS deems service suspension to be necessary.
5. Temporary suspension of the service
COSMO DARTS may temporarily suspend the provision of the service with a certain period of notice.
6. Change of Terms of Use
COSMO DARTS reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of these Terms of Use without prior approval from Members.
7. COSMO DARTS shall not be liable for any damage or losses that Member may incur due to an action that COSMO DARTS takes against the above situations.  

Article 7 (Nonguaranteed content)

This website shall be maintained and updated to the best of COSMO DARTS’s ability; however, the information contained therein may not be the latest or accurate over time.

Article 8 (Governing Laws)

The construction, effectiveness, performance and interpretation of this term shall be governed by Japanese law.