Base Model

Innovative flight system

Patent gb2463349

Innovative flight system

  • 1 Innovative flight & shaft
  • 2 The “Push-In” system enables you an easy installation
  • 3 It firmly keeps an right-angle
  • 4 The exclusive shafts–two types.<br />Spinning type: No wobbling (shaking), smooth rotation.<br />Lock type:Firmly fixed.

Fit Flight is the innovative Flight and Shaft system.
Common type of Flights are installed by inserting in narrow slots on all sides.
With this method, however, Flights fell off easily, and we required using parts for Locked Type or making an unwanted hole on a Flight to avoid falling off.
And besides, handling those small parts is difficult.
Players have been always feeling stress by losing parts or complicated installation.

Then we succeeded in developing an ideal Flight and Shaft system by making their exclusive parts.
We could attach parts precisely and remove unnecessary parts by adopting the “Push-in” system.
New Fit Flight is innovated to meet your high specification.

Two kinds of Fit Flight exclusive shafts are available

Two kinds of Fit Flight exclusive shafts are available.

・Locked type

Simply slide the shaft into the flight and you can fasten them firmly.
You’re ready to play soon! It has a structure that loosens moderately when the strong pressure is applied against the flight, and it improves durability of the flight(Looseness can be adjusted by changing depth in which the flight is inserted.)

・Spinning Type

Rotating Flight can avoid another darts being thrown later, it means this type of Flight never be obstacles.
It reduces and holds down minimum damages to Shaft and Flight.
A decisive difference between this spin Shaft and former type is that there is no wobbles in a joint.
Since we manufacture our spin shafts only with 100% plastic resin, we can complete really precise Spinning Shaft parts with our own reliable die not using poor metal parts.
Once you use Fit Flight &Fit Shaft, you will see how good they are!
Both Type1 and Type2 are made by strengthened plastic resin.
It enhances durability and increases resistance to bending, breaking, and curving.

Two kinds of Fit Flight exclusive shafts are available

Fit Flight DELTA


  • Four-fins Flightis replaced by three- fins Flight.
  • 1 Improved interference reduction to an in-coming darts.It is advantageous in terms of tighter groupings.
  • 2 Realized weight reduction of the flight,and got the buoyancy like four-piece flights.
  • 3 Adopting ‘Push-In’ system,it corresponds to a special shaft of all types.

Patent gb2463349

*Delta Standard

Material: PP / Color: White, Black, D Blue, Red, (Light)Green

*Delta (Standard) Shape

Material: PP / Color: White, Black,

*Delta Kite

Material: PP / Color: White, Black,

*Delta Teardrop

Material: PP / Color: White, Black,

*Delta Super Slim

Material: PP / Color: White, Black,

*Delta Super Shape

Material: PP / Color: White, Black,

*Delta Standard mini

Material: PP / Color: White, Black,

*Types※Click the type to see the enlarged images.
Delta standardDelta standard
Delta ShapeDelta Shape
Delta KiteDelta Kite
Delta teardropDelta Teardrop
Delta SP SlimDelta SP Slim
Delta SP ShapeDelta SP Shape
Delta Standard miniDelta Standard mini


Patent gb2463349

*Flight shapes

Standard/ Shape/ Kite/ Teardrop/ SP slim/ SP Shape/ Standard mini


White/Black/D Black/Pink/Blue/D Blue/Purple
Red/Green/Yellow/Orange/Natural/※Light Green
※Fit Flight AIR Only/Magenta

Fit Fright AIR

Super ShapeSuper Shape
Super SlimSuper Slim
F ShapeF Shape
Rocket InsideRocket Inside
Super KiteSuper Kite
W ShapeW Shape


Patent gb2463349

*Fit Shaft GEAR

Series: Normal・Slim・Hybrid
Type: Locked・Spinning
Size: #1~8
Colors: Black・White・Clear・D Black・Clear Red・Clear D Blue・Clear Purple
・Clear Orange・Clear Green・Clear Yellow・Clear Pink・Clear Blue

*Fit Shaft CARBON

Series: Normal・Slim・Hybrid
Type: Locked・Spinning
Size: #1~8
Colors: C Black・Pearl Black・Pearl White


Series : Slim
Type: Locked ・Spinning
Colors:Plain・Burnt color

*Fit Shaft GEAR
*Fit Shaft CARBON
#Shaft Size

Fit Point

  • 1 The shape of the tip and the special process on the surface reduce the instability of the sticking condition
  • 2 Since we do all the manufacturing processing at our own factory,we are able to produce screws with high-precision
  • 3 The desorption of the tip is very simple by its special shape
  • 4 Full color variation(Normal length tips are available in 13 colors. Short length tips are available in 4 colors.)
  • 5 Length setting of two patterns can be chosen for preference

*Fit Point

Color: Natural White, White, Black, Gray, Light Gray, Red, Pink, (Light)Blue, Green, Light Green, Yellow, Light Yellow (Available is 13 colors)

*Fit Point Short

Color: Color: Natural White, Black, Red, D Blue(Available in 4colors)

*Fit Point Long

Color: Natural White, White , Black , Red , D Blue (Available in 5 colors)

*Types(Fit Point)
Natural White
Light Gray
Light Blue
Light Green
Light Yellow
*Types(Fit Point Short)
Natural White
*Types(Fit Point Long)
Natural White

FIT Barrel

*FIT Barrel 01

Weight: 14g / (Max)Diameter: 7.7mm / Material: made of SUS / Shaft length: In- between setting

*FIT Barrel 01 (no body processing)

(Max)Diameter: 7.7mm / Material: made of SUS

*FIT Barrel 02

Weight: 15g / (Max)Diameter: 8.8mm / Material: made of SUS / Shaft length: In- between setting

*FIT Barrel 02 (no body processing)

(Max)Diameter: 8.8mm / Material: made of SUS

FIT Barrel 01
FIT Barrel 01(no body processing)
FIT Barrel 02
FIT Barrel 02(no body processing)